Why did they choose us?

Consulting and creation of smart contracts

Creation of quality codes, optimized to reduce gas, and always following the best safety standards

Smart contracts audit

We provide a Smart Contract audit certificate to verify the security of funds and that there are no bugs in its operation

Staking Platforms, NFTs, Rewards DApps

Creation of Staking platforms, NFTS Farm, token farm and the most diverse Web3 systems for the market

Web3 Software

Token rewards web3 Dapps, trading bots, flash launch purchase system, BNB/ETH/NFTs reward system, among others

Blockchain hacking

We use our expertise in blockchain to provide advanced solutions to problems that are considered unsolvable

Production of security incident reports

We have technical expertise to find security flaws and produce reports to clarify problems

Solution provider and consultancy provider
for the crypto market

We have established ourselves as a major player in the market, with solutions for everything on the market.

In addition, Bulls Protocol's venture investment arm has achieved significant results.


Projects and companies were our clients

4millions +

In $USD of volume transacted in the systems we develop for clients


In $USD summed volume of movement in client token contracts

3millions +

$USD liquidity in client project contracts

“I like the impossible, because there’s less competition.”

Walt Disney