Why choose we?

Consultancy and contract creation

Creation of quality codes, optimized for reducing gas, and always following the best security standards

Smart contracts audit

We provide a Smart Contract audit certificate to verify the security of the funds and that there are no bugs in the operation of the same

Staking and Farm Pool Platforms

Creation of Staking platforms, Farm of NFTS and tokens.

Web3 Software

Token rewards web3 dapps, trading bots, launch flash purchase system, BNB/ETH/NFTs reward system and many others are in BullsProtocol's abilities

NFT Mint DApp

Creation of an NFT marketplace, assembly, creation and minting system for 10,000 NFTs for sale at OpenSea

Listing on CoinMarketCap

We have already carried out more than 10 project listings on CMC and CG. We have the necessary expertise and the right contacts for listing

DeFi Service Provider and creator of the

The protocol is a DeFi and Web3 technology standard of second layer over PancakeSwap and Uniswap, on BSC and ETH network.

The protocol solves the following problems:

  • issues of fees on tokens for project portfolios;
  • ease of payment conversions for crypto and PIX for crypto in Brazil; if abroad, conversions will be for their respective instant payment tools
  • use of optimized tools to reduce costs, such as airdrops and contract analysis tools
  • facilitating and automated pre-sales systems


Projects and companies were our clients, 15 of them in the last four months

100mil +

In $USD of traded volume on the systems and platforms we develop for clients


In $USD of summed volume of movement in clients' token contracts

300thousand $ +

$USD liquidity in client project contracts

Frequently asked questions

We managed to create all kinds of DeFi crypto software and platforms, whether Staking Pool system, NFT systems, NFT marketplace, NFT investment fund platform, payment platform rewards in tokens, BNB or ETH. Furthermore, we have expertise enough for more complex implementations such as signatures and Sha3, Sha256 and other transactions for your project.

On Portfolio Page you can check more details

Yes, a smart contract audit or Web3 dapps audit is highly essential for detecting exploits and producing security patches. Likewise, bug-free code is essential to avoid loss of investor funds.

contact us. We have all the solutions you need needs. Click here for contact page.

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